Monday, May 3, 2010

Setting the purpose

Over the weekend I read a number of readings about how ICT / E-Learning needs to have a clear purpose and that the use of technologies should link to sound theory and pedagogy. This got me thinking about the school blogs and making it clear to staff why we have them. We have had new staff members come in and have been shown the technical aspects, but have not had it explained to them the purpose as to why we have blogging at school. Today I did a presentation at the staff meeting as to why we have class blogs. This led to my next proposal to the staff around sharing their class blogs at school assembly. My vision is having a time slot in assembly called "Blog of the Week", celebrating childrens' work. A lot of great work goes up on the blogs, but the next steps are to share them in the assembly and to comment / reflect on the pieces of work on a regular basis. It is a matter of sharing the love of learning with others and in the process leaving our Digital Footprint, so that our blogs become highly recognized by the global community. Here is my presentation that I presented to the staff today called: Setting the purpose and Celebrating our classes work.


  1. An interesting slideshow Joy. The ideas presented encourage us all to reflect on what we are doing and how effective we are being in raising student achievement by using Web 2 tools.

  2. Thanks for the comment Jay,

    The presentation went well. I'm thinking of creating a little mini slide show for the children in kids speak as to why we should comment on the blog posts and what we should put in our comments. This could be presented to them before I model the commenting procedure.