Thursday, November 28, 2013

Our Blogging Movie

This is our orientation movie on Becoming a Blogger. When you are in Year 4 or above you are eligible to become a blog author. This movie highlights steps around accepting your first invite and posting work up onto your blog. It has been made by the Year 6 students in Room 5 and features the Panmure Bridge School E-Learning Monitors.

Blogging from Joy Paton on Vimeo.

MITA Project - Where I'm at now

This term I have been working on building partnerships with the Year 4 class. I have been very proactive in my approach, focusing on setting up the year 4 students for success when they enter into a 1:1 digital learning environment in 2014. The first thing I did was speak to their classroom teacher around creating blogs for each student. It has been an exciting process. Their classroom teacher gave me a list of her top students that she wanted me to work with. She believed that if I worked with the top students then their new knowledge and skills would be passed down onto the others. At the start of the term I created blogs for the entire class. From there I would work with groups to accept their blog invites and to create a new post onto their blogs. The experience has been amazing as some of these students learn the technical skills fast and apply them back in class. All of the student blogs are hyperlinked back to the class blog. Click on the links below to view the student blogs.

Room 8 Class Blog

Inotia's Blog 
Daniel's Blog
Jasmine's Blog
Phoenix's Blog
Aminiasi's Blog

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Managed Learning Environments - Google Site

During the last two years I have been using a Google Site to make teaching and learning accessible for students and senior managers. The students can view the curriculum areas they are learning about and access online material to support their learning from the Google Site. On my class site, learning intentions and success criteria are displayed, websites are hyperlinked or embedded so that students can access them, Google Applications are embedded so that the students view or make their own copy. In this movie I am going to show how I use my Google Site in Written Language. The focus area is Recount Writing. This movie shows how the site is used to support the writing process.  

Recount Writing from Joy Paton on Vimeo.