Monday, December 7, 2015

Room 7's Overall Flag Vote

Fifteen students chose the original flag as their favourite. They like the flag just the way it is. We obviously don't like change in Room 7. The Silver Fern behind the red, white and blue background was chosen by eight people. This was the popular flag choice against the other flag designs but when it is up against the original flag, it is not a winner.

Room 7's Favourite New Zealand Flag Design

The favourite flag was the red, white and blue silver fern. Sixteen people chose the red, white and blue silver fern.
The least favourite flag was red peak. Only one person in the class chose red peak.
I think the red, white and blue silver fern flag was the most popular because it has the exact same colours as the original flag. This flag has the Southern Cross on it which is the same design as the original flag.