Thursday, July 30, 2015

What's in my lunchbox?

This term we have been learning about healthy eating. This pie chart shows the foods that were in my lunch box on Wednesday July 22. I had five pieces of fruit, 1 Le Snak and 1 muesli bar in my lunch box. The food that were missing were sandwiches, yoghurt, cheese and meat

Revising sentences

Today I have been learning about the word DRAFT. DRAFT is like an acrostic poem. Each letter of this word means something in writing. Today we have been focusing on the D. D stands for Delete. In class Miss Paton shared with us a piece of writing in which we had to delete, take out words and change sentences. Here is my piece of writing.

Miss Paton’s copy

Miss Paton has a cat. His name is Oscar. He is a tabby cat. Oscar can be a pain in the neck. He likes to sniff my rubbish bin. He always come to my house wanting food. Oscar likes to fall asleep on my couch. He does not like my laptop computer. He would rather sit on my lap. Oscar would like me to give him the attention.
68 words


My copy

Miss Paton has a cat named Oscar. He’s a tabby cat and can be a pain. He likes sniffing rubbish. He always comes to my house hungry. Oscar likes to fall asleep on my couch. He hates my laptop computer because he’d rather sit on my lap and get the attention.

51 words

Monday, July 27, 2015

PBS Using WeVideo

This is my Reading Presentation using WeVideo. My focus was on inferencing and I had to answer the question "Why don't hearding dogs hurt other dogs?".

Sharing my Maths Strategy

Last week I was given the Maths problem.... I had to share my strategy. I used We Video to record my thinking.