Friday, September 11, 2015

Tai's Argument on Homework

Body of text
State what you are arguing about
State your opinion
For or Against
Homework is an after school task for students. It may consist of maths, reading, spelling, writing and inquiry tasks.
My Argument is should we have homework? I am for having homework because it makes you smarter by the minute. It helps you to learn lots of things you don’t know.
Reason 1
Supportive details

My first reason is you get smarter by doing your homework every day. You can get smarter by answering timetables (iKan test questions within  seconds). Homework also helps you read much faster. If you’ve got your answers wrong you might have to do it again because you didn’t do it properly or weren’t paying attention.  
Reason 2
stops you from learning at home if you didn’t have any homework
Could get boring if I watched TV all the time

Supportive details

Sometimes television can be a real distraction for students up and down the country.
If you watch a TV programme it might be boring and it would stop you from learning and doing your homework.
TV wastes your time from doing your homework.
TV makes you lazy and could be fat, also you would stay in bed all day. If you do homework you're brain will get more exercise and you will learn something new.
At home I go to my aunt's house to do my maths on her laptop computer.
Reason 3
People can help you

Supportive details
Parents can  learn and take an interest in your school work. Parents understand what you are learning about
Homework brings families together.
If you need help you could ask any of your family members or friends to come and help you. Parents might learn something from your homework as well. Parents will learn what you're learning about in class, and they might do your homework with you and help you if you need help.
Also parents could think your homework is interesting and they would help you each day.
Homework brings teamwork together and you can solve problems together with your friends. It allows you to talk together and to share ideas.

Therefore I think there should be homework for all students so they can be prepared for tests every day and that parents can assist their children the best way they can with their learning.

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