Wednesday, January 8, 2014

What Next?

2014 brings new learning and a fantastic work opportunity. This year I have been seconded for one year to be a Facilitator. I will be working for the Ako Hiko cluster for three days of the week and two days of the week I will be working in three Manaiakalani Cluster Schools.
Last year I was given the opportunity to work with three new to netbook teachers as a facilitator within my own school (Panmure Bridge School). I worked .2 in their classrooms. The facilitator role was very successful and I enjoyed it. My team of teachers were enthusiastic and had a positive attitude in giving things a go. We had lots of fun, making movies for the Manaiakalani Film Festival. All of my team are equipped to use the school video camera, to transfer footage from the video camera to their computer, to edit and publish their movies onto their blogs. As a Facilitator I loved going along to Toolkit sessions and then the next day saying to the teacher "I went along to this amazing tool kit session yesterday afternoon, it's on...... would you like me to teach your class it?". They would say "Yes go for it". The students were very excited about being the first in the school to try this new application out, trying the app before my own class. The students enjoyed making flipping eBooks and after a while would present their learning on a flipping eBook. Skills that were taught in lessons were applied at a later date without me modelling to them or being in the room, which was great.

I look forward to working with teachers and their classes this year. It'll be great to share my knowledge and skills with others and to utilize my Masters degree. I would like to thank Mrs Dorothy Burt, Mrs Fiona Grant and the Manaiakalani Trust for giving me this wonderful opportunity to grow and to be part of introducing 1:1 digital learning environments in the Mt Roskill area.

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